Special trashcan for cell- and smartphones
at airport Berlin-Tegel (TXL)

For some time I have more visitors from the US than I have from Germany even my blog is in german. In respect of this majority I really think about to write only in english, but till now it's still an idea. The problem is, my english is not very good, especially my vocabulary is simple, but the biggest problem is the comma. I put the the comma the german way, what means I use it very often. By the way: I learned most of my english from the lyrics by Robert Zimmermann, better known as Bob Dylan, and from my Scottish friend Hugh, but also from boys and girls all over the world, with whom I spoke. Maybe you will say: But now you are married with an american girl! That's right. But we live here in Berlin, Germany, and so we talk mostly in german. Layne speaks german very well and I'm a good teacher - this is the truth. German (not english!) in Germany and american in America, what is only fair - I think. It's also a question of respect. I would never take a cab in America and expect the driver would talk in german to me. But back to my blog, which is in german, because I'm writing it by my own. Layne has her things to do, it is also a question of honor and (not to forget!) a possibility for me to improve my english. There is one thing, we (Layne and me) do together every month. It's our radio-show "Hier spricht TaxiBerlin" (approximately: "TaxiBerlin is speaking here") at "Pi-Radio", "Pi" comes from "Pirat" because "Pi-Radio" was a "Pirat-Radio-Chanel" in the past. Now everything is legal, I hope so. Our show has three subtitles and they are: "the free voice of the mobile world" (what is inspired by the history of Berlin), "a show about cab-driving and it's side effects" (to become "radical" it's for sure one!) and "a show for everyone and no one" (what is the beginning of Nietzsche's "Zarathustra"). Our next show, it's already #21, is on thursday, 11. january, from 7 pm to 8 pm german time. We will speak about "cell-phones in cabs". By the way: we call a cell-phone "Handy" ("Handy" is a german creation! It's funny, isn't it?!) But today everybody has a smartphone, except me! So maybe you already know or suspect my opinion about this theme. I want to betray this: I know, what is an America radical (for example: Ghandi) in Europe is normal. So, be prepared what I have to say is might be "super-radical" for your ears. But, and this is maybe your luck, the show is in german (not in english!), because we are in Germany. Nevertheless it's a possibility for a "meet again" with Layne. She will be in the studio, on the mic and at the controls. Don't miss it! Listen here under "Radio hören" the live-stream of our show.

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