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It's the truth: cab driving makes you radical! After more then twenty years "on the road" I can say this for sure. It's a revolution in your head, a radicalization of thinking. First of all I became an extremely "super-listener". I listen things people sayed, they can't remember that they ever told this. This is the base to become radical, I think. Next step is to figure out: what is the problem? Mostly you have to turn the things "from the head to the feet" as we say in german. We live, so I think, in an extremely boring time. This is the reason people need permanently distraction. Some seconds of total silence would kill them. It's no surprise: the withdrawal from distraction is much more difficult than from drugs. Distraction is a very serious symptom of our boring time and most important is not to be alone during the withdrawal from it. You have so many friends, you will maybe say, but will they really hold you when you are down and out? And don't forget: they are all virtuell! I'm not virtuell, me and my cab we are real! In my cab you can say everything, even the truth, for example: Yes, I'm addicted to distraction. "It's the simple thing what is hard to do", as Bertolt Brecht sayed, but even the anonymous alcoholics (AA) do it this way. What is the next step, I will tell you tomorrow in my next show, it's already #21, of "Hier spricht TaxiBerlin" worldwide here at "Pi-Radio" from 7 to 8 pm german time. Don't miss it!

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