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One more time I have many readers in the US. How do I know? I will tell you: I am my own NSA if you know what I mean. But anyway how I do know. My post today is in english and only for you! What you say? OK, I made this clear. But what can I tell you? Let me think. Yes, I'm thinking right now! By the way: Thinking is what I did learn in my taxi. Of course I could think before. No doubt! But in the taxi I became a professional thinker. It's not only because there is so much time to think, but also. I'm sure you understand. Sometimes I have clients in my taxi. Not as much as in New York. This is for sure. Cab driving in Big Apple is cannibalism. Not here. Here cab driving is more normal - yet. Yet because what today is in America tomorrow it will be here too. Even in Berlin! I know: Life is change. But not every change is for good. Back to my clients in the cab. They did teach me a lot. That's why I always say: The street is my university. The most important thing I learned on the street, this secret is only for you my friend in America, is to listen. (And not only the streets and places where my clients want to go to!) In this discipline I became an extreme sportsman. It's really true: I'm an extreme listener. And be sure: I listen better than I can write - especially in english.

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