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Although my soul is still in Southern California where I felt - thanks Taxi Devil - like home, I'm just coming back from my first taxi shift here in Berlin. This shift was "tote Hose"- as we say in German - and what means in English "dead pants". But I have to write about it because I promised my colleague from Southern California what was in the past Mexico.

Bevor I write a bit more about my first taxi shift today I want to tell my fellow Germans, that I will of course also again write in German in the future. But with the language it's a little bit like with the soul. Bove are moving slow. Don't became angry or mad my fellow Germans about me and my bad English. Be happy that I'm not writing in Russian because my Russian is even worse.

Back to my first shift in Berlin and to Tegel Airport where I was ten times today with my taxi because in the city was as I already wrote "tote Hose". That's why I was in Tegel so often - but not only. I was there also because of the Taxi Toilet where you have to pay to go in. There I had a Déjà-vu because one more time it was a colleague in front of me washing his feet in the hand washing basin.

First of all it is dangerous because the basin is high. Then I had to wait to wash my hands in the same basin after the man before me finished his job with his feet there. So I told him about what I saw in the US. I mean the big basin next to the small for the hand washing. The man was really interested in my story even he was busy washing his feet in the small basin in the small toilet at Tegel Airport.

Finally I had to show him the photo above what is still in my small camera which I have always with me. All my colleagues at Tegel Airport became really crazy about it. Now they are thinking about to have such a big basin for their feet in our Taxi Toilet too. Maybe outside because there is not enough space inside. The story could become really interesting. So you better stay tuned!

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