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First of all I have to tell you I like my German language, although I'm writing one more time in English. It is because, but not only, in German language you can put two ore more words together and you get a new word with a completely other meaning. FREMDSCHAEMEN is such a word and it means you ashamed because somebody else did something embarrassing.

More then two weeks ago I did start FREMDSCHAEMEN and I'm still doing it, but this is not my fault. It is because of a colleague, better "colleague", called "poor Sascha". "Poor Sascha" is a Swabia from Stuttgart and a Berlin cab driver since maybe seven years but he has still problems to make his money with driving a taxi in Berlin. Therefore he always begs via internet for donations and presents.

So this is normal for "poor Sascha" and no reason for FREMDSCHAEMEN about him. By the way: "Poor Sascha" calls himself a "Linker", what means he is politically a "left wing". A "Linker" in Germany is a "Linker", what means it is very strikt. Nevertheless "poor Sascha" gave interviews to Germany's "Right Wing Press", what was already a reason for FREMDSCHAEMEN, because "poor Sascha" never wanted to do anything with BILD and WELT.

On his blog "poor Sascha" wrote before that they, Germany's "Right Wing Press", should leave him alone. Now, after he gave his interviews to them, he erased what he wrote on his blog. Sou you will not find it there anymore, but it seems now the "Right Press" don't want to have to do anything with "poor Sascha" anymore. This could be already a reason for FREMDSCHAEMEN about "poor Sascha".

But it gets worse. More then to weeks ago "poor Sascha" really wanted to work with his taxi. Nobody knows what he did before with his taxi. But anyway - he wanted to make eight hundred Euro in four shifts. Why he needs four shifts for eight hundred Euro also nobody knows. Other drivers need only three shifts for it.

Of course "poor Sascha" wrote about that he really wants to work on his blog. Eight hundred Euro in four shifts means two hundred Euro in one shift, what is easy to understand. "Poor Sascha's" first shift was not good, so he did not reach this goal. His second shift was better, what means after two shifts "poo Sascha" was good with the eight hundred Euro he wanted to make in four shifts.

But, and this is finally the reason I'm still doing FREMDSCHAEMEN about him, "poor Sascha" did not write about his third and fourth shift. So nobody, except him, knows, did he make the eight hundred Euro in four shifts ore not. Other drivers make the same three shifts, but this is not about other drivers. This is about "poor Sascha".

We don't know why "poor Sascha" stopped to write about his four shifts where he really wanted to work. Maybe, but this is only speculation, it is because "poor Sascha's" begging for donations and presents in the internet was successful. Probably they would stop if "poor Sascha" really made eight hundred Euro in four shifts.

For a pity we really don't know. What I know is that I really want to stop FREMDSCHAEMEN about "poor Sascha". That's why I already wrote I would donate for him too, in case he did not really work and of course first of all if he did not make the eight hundred Euro. But how can I know if he made it ore not if nobody knows.

Nevermind, after more then two weeks of FREMDSCHAEMEN I'm really tired of it because FREMDSCHAEMEN is much more exhausting as it sounds. Finally I will donate something anyway, I mean more then this article, to "poor Sascha" and this is what I suggest to everybody who wants to know how to stop FREMDSCHAEMEN.

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