Taxi stand at Ostbahnhof / former East Berlin

This is not the end, even if the old sign at the taxi stand at Berlin Ostbahnhof says this. This can not be the end, because every end is always a new beginning. If you know what I mean. But let's talk about me. I'll leave Berlin of course with my taxi - I never go out without it - after I finish this post and I'll come to you. I hope you are ready.

I have to tell you: I like Amerika. What I say? I love Amerika! There is only one problem I have with your country. In german we call it a "Küchenproblem", what means a small problem. How can I tell you? Maybe this way: In Berlin, where I live, you always have to have at minimum one bottle of beer in your hand. Normally people in my age in Berlin have two or three bottles of beer in every hand - always!

Then of course the beer itself. This is the next very serious problem. If I'm talking about beer, I'm only talking about real beer. I'm not talking about lemonade with the taste of beer or what stand next to beer. So in my opinion I could have your "beer" in my hand in your country, because it is not really beer. Right? Please don't tell me, if I'm wrong. I will not do it anyway. Life is too short for bad beer. By the way: I'm a tested water snob in CA. But this is another story.

As I already told you: I'll come with my taxi to you. You don't believe me? How can I come without my taxi? I'm a taxi driver - I can not come without my taxi! It's the same with a cowboy in your country. They always come with their cows. Isn't it? Maybe I'm wrong and it was a horse. Anyway. But with two guns in every hand. So they say. In Germany we have the beer instead of the guns. Finally it's the same.

So, my unknown friend in the "land of the free" also known as the "home of the brave", I'm a little bit in a hurry. My taxi is so slow and the way very long. I hope you understand. But I would like to meet you on tuesday at 7:30 pm at Warvick's in San Diego / California (CA).

PS: Please bring some real cold beers with you. I don't need guns.

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