Berlin City Cleaning Official Advertising

First of all I have to explain my german fellows why I continue to write in english. It's very easy to understand. Because I have much more visitors in the US. But this is not new. "Der Prophet zählt nichts im eigenen Land" - as we say in german. What means in english that you have to go abroad for success. By the way: Many american artists came to Europe therefore in the past.

Now I have to tell you not something but the truth about this bloody advertising. It is a lie like any advertising. This is also not new. But what is behind this lie? What do you think is the truth? And what do you think that I think is the truth? Last but not least: If I tell you what is behind this lie - will you believe me?

As you can see I'm a typical german. I think too much. And I'm just a half german. Now maybe you get an idea how difficult a real german can be or better: think. By the way, the thing is, that germans always tell you the truth. If you buy for example a used car from a german, he will tell you all the problems the vehicle has.

Sometimes they are really stupid. I mean the germans. Most of the time they are harmlessly, only boring. But with me it is never boring. Believe me! Believe a half german! Because I'll tell you the truth. Are you ready for some truth? Are you sure that you are ready for some truth? Here it comes. The thing:

If "you are leaving the dirty sector" - you are leaving Berlin! It's a very simple truth, but true. Probably you don't understand. Hm, how can I explain it to you? Maybe this way: A coffee without caffein is no coffee. Or better: A beer with no alcohol is no beer. And milk from soya is no milk, because milk is from a cow. To be ganz genau what is very exactly: From a milk cow!

Coffee, beer, milk ... anyway, it's always the same. And so finally a clean Berlin is not Berlin anymore. This simple truth should be enough for today. I hope it was not too much truth for you. But believe me I try to keep it simple. By the way. In Berlin we say: Keep it dirty!

Have a good time and many greetings from our lovely dirty mother - Berlin!

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