Layne Mosler in her Yellow Cab in New York

Berlin is full of english speaking people and even this blog has more and more visitors from the US. And I have time to write something in english because there are no clients in my taxi. Why there are no clients in my taxi? I can't say. May be it's because of the holiday in Berlin. I don't really know. Probably it's because I'm not on duty.

First of all I want and I have to thank my best friend Dietrich. For a pity he already passed away. At first I want to thank him for the title of my blog: AUTOFIKTION. It took him exactly five seconds to find the word, which perfectly fits with my writing. He gave it to me as a present. Thank you, my friend!

I have to thank my best friend Dietrich also because he supported me when I met Layne Mosler alias TaxiGourmet here in Berlin in summer 2010. Dietrich, you did a great job! You know, I was not in a good mood and you helped me "not to drive the thing against the three" - as we say in german.

Besides the great job of my best friend Dietrich I was a big fan of Layne Mosler's idea to ask taxi drivers where they like to eat from the first time I heard about. I introduced myself to her as a "little gourmet" and offered her a food tour through my Berlin.

We startet with "dead grandma" at Alexanderplatz, ended up with a wedding last year and I'm still a big fan of Layne's idea and of course of her too. By the way: Layne wrote a book about her adventures. Right now she is at the other end of the world for readings and interviews like this.

PS: Sorry for my bad english but my russian is even worse.

Foto&Text TaxiBerlin

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