Boulevard "Unter den Linden" / Berlin Mitte

Again and again I am asked if this mostly blue sometimes violet pipes or tubes in the city is art. I can make it short: Yes, of course, it is art. To be ganz genau what is in english very exactly: It must be art! The question now is more interesting: Why it must be art? I will tell you:

First of all: Berlin is not only full of english speaking people. Berlin is also crowded with artists from all over the world. Everybody who wants to be creative comes to Berlin. Also if he or she only thinks that she or he is creative. But this is another story.

Berlin today, this is no exaggeration, is the art capitol of the world. Many of our artists are making only party, but this is their personal problem. Sometimes it becomes the problem of Berlin, when these artists blame Berlin for their "non-creativity". But this is as we say in german "Kindergarten" - in english "kindergarden".

Back to theses blue sometimes violet pipes or tubes, you can see it on the photo above. Even Berlin is the art capitol of the world, sometimes it's difficult to find all these art in Berlin. And therefore we have this big blue sometimes violet art in our city center.

I don't know what is the definition of art abroad. In Berlin the definition of art is the following: If you are insecure because you don't understand, be sure - it must be art! But, and this question is much more interesting: What will tell us the art? This is the thing:

It is no coincidence that there is also a Berlin taxi (middle) in beige on the photo. But, this is the truth, the driver is a non-professional, and I'll tell you why. Finally the art of the blue sometimes violet tubes or pipes are first of all traffic signs for us taxi drivers.

These signs show us closed roads, street works and things like this already from far away. So it's no surprise for us this art means different. Of course it's still art, also for us - street art. But for us in the taxi it's better to keep away from this art. At the end I'll tell you one of my taxi driver secrets. It is "car keeping away art".

Foto&Text TaxiBerlin

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